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The Watch Company

2014, Magento Enterprise

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We are responsible for all internal and external technology infrastructure.  WatchCo is hosted within it’s own server cluster containing two load balanced RHEL6 Magento Optimized web servers for the website which is connecting to a Percona database server.  In front of those are a firewall and switch.

The Magento Enterprise store front is optimized in every way imaginable, displaying a hundred watch brands to customers all over the world at lightning speed and incredible uptime.  You can find our product descriptions, search engine optimizations, marketing, and more at Watchco.

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Carbon Trim Solutions

2014, WooCommerce

A beautiful website implementing our product photography, web design, search engine optimization, and ecommerce optimization on a Responsive (for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile) WooCommerce based WordPress installation.

We built a server from scratch utilizing APC PHP Caching, minification and JS unification and our Content Delivery Network.  We monitor it with NewRelic, Google Analytics, and SumAll for Social Media.

Combined, this created a lightning fast, and highly converting, storefront.

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The home of high stakes fantasy football. Season long money fantasy football leagues, huge national tournaments, satellites and dynasty since 2008.

We manage customer facing content, server administration, and more, for the home of high stakes fantasy football.


Past Clients & Projects


2013, Magento Community

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A 2013 experiment in branding and design. Started from scratch; all products, photography, and design done in house.












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Fix It Sticks

2013, Shopify

We created a Shopify store-front following a successful and life-changing KickStarter campaign.

Based in Appleton, WI.

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DDM Tuning


Initially built on PinnacleCart software, later moved to a custom solution powered by a NetSuite backend, we handled SEO in a highly competitive market and on-page optimizations increasing conversion rates to incredible levels.

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Now dissolved, we designed and hand coded this PinnacleCart property.  SEO was implemented and perfected, product photography was taken in house.

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